Company Description

FleetPartners is a leading provider of passenger and commercial vehicle fleet leasing and management services to companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Investment Rationale

Major attractions of the opportunity were:

  • Strong positions in the Australian and New Zealand fleet leasing markets, both of which are significantly less developed than many international comparables.
  • A compelling outsourced service offering that relieves companies from the administrative and financial costs and risks associated with in-house fleet ownership and/or management.
  • Organic growth prospects in existing markets and adjacent market segments that are currently not well served by the fleet industry.
  • Strong management team with extensive experience in local and more developed international fleet markets.

Ironbridge Value Added

The value added by Ironbridge has been as follows:

  • Recommending and providing guidance on business strategy.
  • Examining a number of bolt-on acquisitions and possible realisation opportunities for the shareholders.

The Ironbridge Portfolio Team has also worked actively on a number of projects including involvement on the steering committee for the implementation of a new IT system and recommending and assisting in the implementation of a sophisticated planning tool.

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