Ironbridge seeks investment opportunities in private companies headquartered in Australia and New Zealand with an enterprise value of between A$50 million and A$250 million which typically exhibit the following attributes:

  • Economic, social or demographic factors support growth.
  • Strong market positions with the potential to become a market leader.
  • Potential for both strong and sustained organic growth as well as growth through acquisition.
  • There is an opportunity to generate material value on exit as a result of enhancing scale and profitability.
  • Management is receptive to Ironbridge playing an active role in all aspects of company development.

Responsible Investing

Ironbridge considers that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues play an increasingly important role in portfolio companies. Following a detailed review of various alternatives, Ironbridge became a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment in 2009.

Ironbridge is committed to the implementation of the Principles in our business model and believes that ESG issues can positively affect the performance of portfolio companies.

Ironbridge is proud of achievements on ESG issues of the companies in our investment portfolio:

  • All Ironbridge investments have made material improvements in Workplace Safety outcomes during Ironbridge’s ownership.
  • Envirowaste is pioneering renewable energy generation in New Zealand from landfill sites.
  • iNova is a signatory to the National Packaging covenant.
  • Fleet Partners has developed a Green Guide to help customers reduce carbon footprint.

Investment Strategy

Ironbridge’s overall Investment Strategy is clearly differentiated in the Australian private equity market through the following key attributes:

  • Ironbridge has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2009 and considers that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues play an increasingly important role in today’s environment.
  • Ironbridge is focussed on three target industry sectors in which it has demonstrable and significant expertise.
  • Ironbridge adds significant value to portfolio companies, and this is supported by the unique Ironbridge Portfolio Team.
  • Ironbridge has a strong track record in “Buy and Build” strategies, supporting smaller companies in growth through acquisition to become market leaders.
  • Ironbridge is the only Australian private equity advisor to have a well-established New Zealand Office.
  • Ironbridge has a clear focus on creating companies that others want to buy.

Industry Sectors

Ironbridge has developed a focus on three industry segments directed principally within the services segment of the economy, which contributes approximately 70% to the GDP of both Australia and New Zealand.

Our focus on industry sectors allows for strong relationships with industry leaders, specialist bankers and analysts and we believe that this leads to both enhanced dealflow and better informed investment decisions.

Ironbridge has developed significant expertise within its focus industry sectors and is able to add superior value to these companies. This is a key driver of growth and returns for management teams and investors in funds advised by Ironbridge.

Ironbridge focuses on three industry sectors which display attractive fundamentals:

  • Healthcare – Ironbridge funds have invested over A$400 million across four businesses in the Healthcare sector. Both Australia and New Zealand face the challenges being seen in many other developed countries of an ageing population and extended average life expectancy. The governments of both countries have reacted to this challenge by promoting a shift from public to private health care, and through support for the private supply of retirement care and accommodation.
  • Financial Services – The financial services sector is being boosted by the presence of one of the largest and fastest growing managed funds pools in the world, underpinned by innovative retirement income policies and an increasingly sophisticated investor base.
  • Outsourced Services – The outsourced services sector is continuing to witness a push by corporate and government to focus on core activities and to divest non-core services. In particular, this sector is benefiting strongly from the growth in services demanded by the minerals, infrastructure and oil and gas industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Ironbridge Value Added

Ironbridge expects that it will add value to and have significant involvement in the strategic direction and operational management of its portfolio companies.

The Ironbridge team assists private companies to achieve their growth aspirations, whether through organic or acquisitive growth. This value add is achieved through Ironbridge’s active management style, board representation and the close working relationship which it consistently seeks to establish with management teams.

Ironbridge also actively utilises the operational experience of its Ironbridge Portfolio Team to ensure that all growth projects are appropriately resourced and that key investment objectives are met.

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