New ISGM and Telstra Partnership - Project Alliance


New ISGM and Telstra Partnership – Project Alliance.

Infrastructure Services Group Management (ISGM) announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Telstra and signed a significant new services contract. 

As part of the new Project Alliance Agreement, ISGM will continue to provide all of the outsourced services for Installation & Maintenance. The Agreement has been expanded to include the management of the outsourced services for Design & Construction. This includes the installation, construction and maintenance for the copper, fibre and broadband networks and external infrastructure from Telstra exchanges to customer premises. ISGM will be the sole provider of outsourced subcontractor Installation & Maintenance, and Design & Construction subcontractors for Telstra’s Service Delivery.

The expanded partnership aligns with the previous Customer Centric Contractor Model (CCCM) terms – with four years remaining and a two by two year extension option. With the addition of Design & Construction to the scope, ISGM expects to substantially increase the size of the contract revenues and become a leading provider of outsourced workforces in the telecommunications services industry. 

ISGM Director, Joe Caporale, attributes the new partnership to the success of the previous CCCM Agreement. 

“Our CCCM Agreement provided a great opportunity for improved customer service and productivity. By taking on a “one team” approach we have been able to realise some great results for Telstra, Telstra’s customers and our subcontractor workforce,” said Mr Caporale. 

“Under the Agreement, ISGM successfully recruited, trained and mobilised over 1,200 installation and maintenance subcontractors.  With the expanded scope under Project Alliance, we will be bringing on additional employees and subcontractors over the next few months. We will be looking for people to design, install, construct and maintain copper, fibre and broadband networks and external infrastructure. This will includes Civil, Hauling, Jointing / Splicing, Pre-Provisioning, and Duct Access.”

”Early in the New Year we will have our employees and subcontractors located right across Australia – in all the mainland capital cities and from Tasmania to Cape York- Lord Howe Island to Rottnest Island - and everything in between.” 

The partnership will involve recruitment, training and mobilisation of a significant nationwide workforce.